They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Oakford Post Office
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Since there are no postal department records available of local employees of past years, we had to rely on our own research.

In 1872 when Oakford was founded, there was a mass exodus from Robinson Mills, Illinois (Bobtown). Doctor Whitley, the postmaster, simply picked up and moved to the new town. Of course, when the postal inspector made his yearly call, he found no post office. When he did locate Dr.Whitley, it is said, the doctor had to return the equipment to the old location, until the records could be established. At this time John Bonnett became the new postmaster of Robinson Mills and Dr.Whitley became the first official postmaster of Oakford.

In 1873 Dr. Whitley turned over the duties to L.W. Roberts, ( who was a merchant with Colson). In the building we know as M.O. Atterberry store. Dr.Whitley attended medical school for a few months and on his return in 1873, continued until 1879 as the town postmaster. At this time Dr. Whitley moved to Petersburg and whether Roberts took over the duties again, we don't know. The post office remained in the M.O. Atterberry store until 1899 when O.J. Maltby was appointed the new postmaster and continued in this office until 1913.

From this time on the office moved around. First in the Kendall building, Maltby's annex, Red's barber shop, and the bank building. Today it's in the new post office building built during the 1950s After Maltby, some of the othr postmasters were Bertha Ashmore, Barcus, Earl Allen and today Homer Lynn. Throughout the years Oakford has had only one rural route. Frank Greenwood was the first appointee followed by Crit Bailey, Emmerson Moss and Melvin Justice. The substitutes were Will Bailey, Louis Lounsberry and Dale DeMonbrun.



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