They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Oakford Hall Company
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When the village began showing a desire for culture in the early 1890s some business men urged the erection of a town hall for presenting different forms of entertainment. John Gum, O.J. Maltby and Dave Lee were named directors of the new organization and the hall was built in 1894 on the south side of Center Street just south of the church. For years the building accommodated oyster suppers, revivals, Lyceum courses, dances and sport events. Dave Lee organized a roller skating club here in 1907 which was popular for years.

Later, the building was known as the Star Theater. Walter Thomas, Jacob Garber and Will Davis operated movies there at different times. Following a dance in 1932, the building burned. Later the same year the village board voted to erect a brick town hall which stands west of Boeker's Store today. During the "30"s and "40"s this building was used nearly every night for events such as sports, Gifford Players movies etc. The new addition on the Oakford Grade School has eased the demand for the town hall.



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