They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Kendall Building
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Many of us remember this old building as either the Pestill Building or the Kendall Store; however, it was built years before this. Dan Mc Henry is to have said that when he was young he attended a dance at Bobtown one Saturday night, on the night Haley's Rocket fell, after they had just framed the building. While they were gone that night heavy wind blew the structure down. The structure was disassembled, rebuilt and for years served as a general store. The above store was always used for meetings of the Modern Woodman Loge, village board monthly meetings and for years served as a place for suppers and civic meetings. Early merchants that did business here were LaMarr, Merrill, Varnum, King, and Kendall. Kendall operated the store until the late 20s when he sold to West Food Store who operated here until the late 50s. The building was torn down during the early 1960s.



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