They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Interior of Kendall Building
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Elmer Kendall came to Oakford around 1900, clerked for M.O. Atterrberry for awhile and then entered business with Ed King. The business was known as King & Kendall (in the Pestel building). In early 1900s ('03 or '04). Kendall bought King's goods and entered a business career of some twenty-five years of successful merchandising. He was Atterberry's toughest competitor. He had the ability to go into the countryside and sell commodities, such as potatoes, flour, salt, etc., by the barrels. Kendall's business as a grocer probably excelled Atterberry because he didn't go into heavy hardware. He was known to handle the quality merchandise of the day, such as the wedding ring line, which is pictured above. Kendall sold his business in 1926 to West Foods of Petersburg, completing a successful business career.



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