They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Pestel and Atterberry Store ---1893
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The front section of this building was moved from a mill west of Oakford on Clary's Creek, south of the Shadd farm by the Ogdens. Later Samuel Watkins operated a drug store here for years. he sold his business in 1892 to Henry Pestel and M.O. Atterberry; they handled drugs and hardware. Later Pestel sold his interest to Atterberry, and this was the beginning of a thriving business. At one time Atterberry's store included the bank, hardware, drugs, groceries, etc. In fact, old timers referred to the business as Sears Roebuck of Oakford. When Oakford was at its peak, he employed eleven employees at one time. Atterberry left around 1917-1918, and from then on the store was vacant until Ralph Blessman opened an implement business. In later years the building was used as a restaurant by Sam Lynn, a grocery store by Jack Slaughter, a saloon by Linus Dietch and Abe Moss. The upstairs was used as the telephone office for years and was later rented to local residents as living quarters. From left to right are unknown, M.O. Atterberry, Tillie Reid (Pharmacist), Pestel, Genie Atterberry, and Nelson Dick (Town Marshal).



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