They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Fourth of July Celebration---1892
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This picture was taken on July 4, 1892, during Oakford's first celebration. The picture shows the old railroad store that William Oakford was using as a canteen along with the railroad crew.

After the railroad was completed he moved it on the above location and established Oakford's first store, which he soon sold to Calvin Atterberry.

The establishment exchanged hands many times throughout the years serving as drug store, restaurant, and later the Oakford Stock Company used it as their office. The building to the east was a saloon operated by James Hall, and then later Waldo Watkins and Casey Bowman operated the business until it burned in 1907. This picture was taken shortly after the incorporation of the town after new kerosene lights and board walks had been installed. The town Marshall's job was to fill the lights with kerosene and light them each night.

The people of the picture from left to right are Jessie Lucas, Joe Fossie, and Pad Watkins.



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