They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Plano Binder Parade
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During the 1890s John Armstrong, one of Oakford's business men, sold many Plano binders. In fact, so many that the company sponsored a week end celebration The farmers pulled their binders into town. Plumes were provided for harness decorations.

This view shows Armstrong's implement building and Kendall building on the right. John Armstrong's home in grove beyond the implement shed; Porky Jim Thomas' saloon on the left; buggy tied up to the 'hitchin' post; John Armstrong holding the flag.

Later in years after Armstrong retired, the building was purchased by Bruning Lumber Company. From the late twenties, for several years, was operated by Edgar Hollis. The next operator was Guy Thomas, closing in 1970. Today, the building is owned by Art Anderson.



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