They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Dedication Of Wagon Bridge
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During the year 1896 the two counties, Mason and Menard, pooled funds and erected a bridge over the Sangamon River located three miles northeast of the town of Oakford. This connected Oakford with the farmers of Hergert Bottom which, within a few years, made Oakford a thriving grain center. All the grain raised in Hergert Bottom was hauled to the elevator in Oakford. The erection of this bridge eliminated the heavy use of Watkins Ferry some two miles east: however, the ferry was still in operation as late as 1908. In 1907, the county boards appropriated funds to disassemble the bridge. When the new channel had been straightened the bridge was reassembled over this channel in 1908. The above picture is a dedication of the bridge.



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