They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Meeting The Trains
Page 35

During the thriving days of Oakford the depot was one of the popular loafing places in town. During these years there was an operator working twenty-four hours a day with as many as twenty-four trains passing through Oakford a day. It became a habit for many people to meet every passenger train whether they expected anyone or not. The above group are standing from left to right: George Harding, Elza Thomas, Hugh Watkins, Otis Lee, Scott Thomas, John Allen, John McHenry, E.G.Holland, Wood Watkins, Luther Lynn, Alex Sinclair, Jack Dowell, and John Lesslighter. Sitting from left to right are: Ryal Armstrong. Willie Emmerson, Erbie Thomas, Dave Lee, Bob Meyer, Heinie Meyer, Pete Ogden and Traveling Man.



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