They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Atterberry Depot
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The above picture of Atterberry depot is used in our history book to relate a story that for years made hard feelings between the two towns. In the fall of 1907, the Oakford Schlitz Beer Saloon was destroyed by fire and with it the Oakford C.P. &St.L depot. Oakford depot in those years was the center of rail traffic. A push engine was stationed here and the new water tank had been installed. As the story goes, the section crew with a work train went to Atterberry one Sunday and loaded the building on the flat car and moved it to Oakford, which was our depot until the middle of the 1950s. This caused so much hard feeling that the railroad built Atterberry a new depot to appease the town folks. No doubt, lot of old timers recall the incident.



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