They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Loafing On Main Street
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Oakford main Street where old friends and cronies meet exchange ideas, tales and yes, some even guilty of dozing, while others wile away the hours whittling. Others waiting for the arrival of the trains or some are lounging in the restaurant gathering news, drinking coffee, much like we find our citizens doing today. All of which, tends to make a close tie among the people of the community. The unitedness of the past has been handed down through the years. It still exists among the people of the Oakford Community.

Hot Summer Afternoon At Boeker's Store

The above picture was a common site during the 1950s, when we had a lot of loafers and Boeker's provided chairs for them. Left to right: George Bonnett, Cecil Bonnett, Ben Boeker, Sam Whitley, George Vaughn, Charley Curry and James Weaver.



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