They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

As a great river man on the Sangamon

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When one sits in on old times reminiscing, quite often the subject drifts to Joe Dowell. There probably wasn't a better line fisherman in the Sangamon. He owned a houseboat, which he would move from one good fishing spot to another. During these days it was the common practice of the different settlements to gather at different locations in the Pecan Bottoms and have fish fries. Joe was always contacted a few days before. He'd push his small canoe to that locality and on the day of the celebration, be waiting with the fish for the hungry people. His general landings were the Sutton Bottoms; McGinnus Ferry; Old Wagon Bridge; Watkins Ferry; and Altig Bridge. After the fishing paradise was destroyed by the straightening of the Sangamon, Dowell moved to better fishing which took him to the mouth of the Spoon River. Here he remained until his death.



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