They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

D. F. Lee Left His Mark
As The County Constable

Page 53

It was said David Franklin Lee did more for this young community than any other one person. Besides operating a boarding house and livery stable, at different times he ran a threshing machine, a corn sheller, a saw mill and an ice house.

He also operated the "opry House," bringing Lyceum courses and stage plays to town and providing a place for revival meetings with men like Sam Jones, strawberry festivals, oyster stews and chicken fries.

A skating rink and country dances provided entertainment for all.

While Dave was constable of Menard County, he always served the papers whether the offender lived in Menard, Mason, Cass, or Fulton County. He was also Oakford correspondent for the Illinois State Journal. Dave Lee (1846-1914) was a versatile man who left his mark in many places.



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