They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

As a Religious and Cultural Leader

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Born in New Hampshire in 1829, Amanda J. Silsby came to Illinois in her early teens with her widowed mother. She graduated from the Rockford Seminary College for Women in 1854 and stayed on as a teacher. After the Civil War, she married H.T. Moore and came to the Lynn community. Later Mr. Moore built a home in Oakford. When she came to town there was no church, no funeral services, or religious services of any kind. Amanda instituted the first such service by gaining permission to read the Bible at the graveside and offer prayer. Later she organized the first Sunday School, the first prayer meeting, and an Epworth league in the church.

Mr. Moore died in 1879 leaving her with three children. She continued her religious work and gave music lessons. Her daughter, Mrs. Maggie Lounsberry, was church organist for fifty years. At this writing, two grandchildren survive --- Mrs. Edgar Hollis of Petersburg and Russell Lounsberry of Oakford.

Amanda Moore's strength of character was as strong as the granite hills of New Hampshire from whence she came.



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