They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

As Oakford's Greatest Trapper

Page 54

Born in Cass County. Robert "Bobby" Skaggs later moved with his folks to a farm southwest of Oakford known as the Armstrong farm. Like many of the pioneers, he spent most of his time trapping in the Sangamon Bottoms from Suttons's Bottom to the mouth of Salt Creek. Bobby proudly claimed part Cherokee ancestry which may have been responsible for is tremendous trapping and tracking ability. He knew whether a raccoon was in his den by the scratches on the bark. His traps would take a mink the first night.

At tracking, Bobby had no equal in the community. Once, a trapper had but a few hours earlier robbed Bobby's trap of the only otter caught in Menard County. Before the culprit reached home, Bobby had tracked, overtaken him and recovered his prize catch. His memories appeared in the Hunter Trader Trapper Magazine in the early 1900s. In addition to trapping, Bobby was a carpenter and painter. He raised a well respected family.



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