They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Dr. James C. Russell Left His Mark
As a Family Doctor and Friend To All

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James C. Russell was born in Carlyle, Illinois in 1882. After graduating from the University of Nashville, Tennessee and Iowa University. Dr. Russell practiced a year at Golden, Illinois before coming to Oakford.

As a physician his name and fame grew so that it was said that specialists from nearby cities trusted his diagnostic skill and medical methods almost without question. Through rain or shine, day or night, he was tireless in his care of the sick, in the true family doctor tradition.

"Doc" was a member of the Woodmen, was on the Town Board and served as health officer. At one time the community collected enough money to buy Dr. Russell a new car and presented it to him at a special gathering at the Town Hall. In 1932, he and his wife, the former Ella Watkins Thomas, moved to Chandlerville where he continued to serve until his death in 1953 following an accident near Springfield. He left his mark on the hearts and minds of the people whose good luck it was to know him.



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