They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

James Weaver Left His Mark
As a Great Humanitarian

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A few years before the turn of the century, James Weaver came to the Oakford community. He immediately became involved in several trades including farming, timber, and lumber business.

In 1904 he was appointed as one of the three supervisors of the Sangamon Valley drainage, when straightening the Sangamon River became a reality.

In 1908-09 he was elected mayor of Oakford and from this time on his interest was mostly farming, race horses, and politics. He served as Menard CountySupervisor of Highway, was always active in any fund drive and was Illinois State Corn Champion in 1943.

A great Lincoln scholar, he had in the making a statue of Lincoln The surveyor to be erected at Oakford. Due to his death, it never materialized.

Over the years he and Bessie, his wife provided shelter and care for many orphans and during his late years, sponsored many girls to nurses training.



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