They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Logging and Lumber Business
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Probably the logging and native lumber business in the Oakford area has been one of Oakford's residents best source of income. During the 1890s Robert Ishmael was operating a mill in the Pecan bottoms, shown above in the picture. Town records of the 1890s reveal that Ishmael sold the planks to build the old board walks throughout town. During the year 1907 the C.P. & StL. railroad built a spur off the main line to Mason County's side of the river to the Chandlerville Hardwood Lumber Company. The track was used to haul the lumber from the mill. Also a big sand pump was brought up by steam boat and daily loads of sand were shipped via rail. At this same time Elijah Armstrong brought in a mill from Macoupin County and first had it in Oakford and later moved it to his land north of town. He operated it for a few years then sold it to James Weaver. The Sangamon valley provided continuous cutting for the different mills. In the late 20s a logging company came to town by the name of Wicker. Their headquarters was above M.O. Atterberry Store then Blessman Store. The entire bottom was cut over. The virgin lumber was cut and hauled to town by log wagons and shipped by rail. Since this time the lumber has been cut by machine at different mills. The last big one was Hopper Mills Kilbourne Illinois.



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