They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Oakford M.E. Church
Condensed from J.W.Lynn's History

Page 82

In 1836, Peter Cartwright, pioneer Methodist circuit rider, and William Lynn with the help of Jonathan and Matthew Lounsberry and other interested neighbors, built a church about two miles southwest of Oakford. The building was dedicated as Lynn Chapel but later became known as Pecan Chapel. This church served a large territory and a thriving congregation until the older generation passed away.

After several years with no regular services, B. H. Shankland, a farmer-preacher from Chandlerville, preached on December 13, 1885. This was followed by almost daily services for seven weeks with 500 people attending on January 24. Many names were added to the church rolls.

It was then decided the church could best serve the community if it were moved to the thriving Oakford village. The idea was so strongly opposed by some, the building was guarded to prevent its destruction.

The congregation grew until it was necessary to add Sunday School room and belfry in 1904. In just a few years more room was needed which made a basement desirable. After several setbacks it became a reality in 1929.

C. L. Springer was the first pastor, followed by M. Shunk. The Reverends Baldridge, Bracewell and Loveless did much towards various remodeling projects Rev. Ed. Millhouse is presently serving the church.



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