They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Do You Remember
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In 1907 a spur was built from the mail railroad line on the Mason County side of the old Sangamon channel? A large saw mill and gravel pit was established, daily shipping loads of sand and lumber over the rails.

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Do you remember when there was two ice houses? Lutes and Kendall.

Do you remember when Jeff Lancaster cooked sorghum in Collie's timber?

When grain was scooped into grain cars?

The two millinery shops operated by Clemna Maltby and Eva Ledbetter?

The attempt at coal mining near the Elza Ray residence southeast of town?

When they drove livestock into town to ship it out by rail?

When farmers traded their produce for staples at the grocery store?

When they cut cheese form a large round of cheese with a cleaver knife and peanut butter was sold by the pound in bulk form?

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The brick yard located where the Harold Lynn now lives?

Billy Kee who made axe handles for the area stores?

Buying groceries from the horse drawn rig pulled through the countryside?

When Jacob Garber bought poultry, eggs, and scrap iron?

When marble games were great stuff on the railroad platform?

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Threshing Days?


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