Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Menard County Agricultural Society
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The original organization of this society was effected in 1853, with William G. Green as President; A. K. Riggin, Secretary; and Samuel Hill, Treasurer. The first and second exhibitions of the society were held on lots belonging to Dr. F. P. Antle, on the bank of the river, in the eastern part of Petersburg. The third fair was held on lots of the latter gentleman, near and north of his present residence. In 1856 the society purchased about twenty acres of ground in what is known as "Hemp Factory Hollow," in the southeastern part of the town; upon which suitable buildings were erected, and other improvements made, and where the annual exhibitions of the society were held until the breaking out of the civil war in 1861, when the society discontinued operations until the close of hostilities. Reorganizing again in 1865, Menard County purchased, for the use of the society, twenty acres of land, one mile and a half north of the court-house; upon which the society at once placed its buildings and other suitable improvements, and where the annual fairs of the Agricultural Association have since been held. These yearly exhibitions are largely attended, and great competitive interest manifested in the several departments of the fair by the people of this and contiguous Counties. In consequence, the fairs of the society have been attended with marked success, and reflect credit upon the "Little Giant" County of the Mississippi Valley. The officers of the society for 1874 are: James W. Judy, President; E. L. Swiney, Vice-President; John Tice, Treasurer; J. G. Strodtman, Secretary. Directors: H. W. Montgomery, T. M. Slith, Daniel Rule, A. M. Houghton, J. G. Greene, M. G. Combs, George Hudspeth, W. G. Denton, John Nybro, John ngle, S. H. Blane, H. H. Marbold. The General Superintendent is James Miles; and the Chief Marshal, Frederick Wilkinson.


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