Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Menard County And The Mexican War
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During the Mexican war little Menard furnished a company for the Federal service, numbering eighty-six men, rank and file. At the organization of the company, Thomas L. Harris (afterwards a distinguished citizen of the State) was elected Captain, and A. D. Wright (also a prominent citizen) First Lieutenant. On the death of Major Walter, of the 4th Regiment, en route, to which the company from Menard was attached, Captain Harris was promoted to the position of Major of the regiment, and Lieutenant Wright to the captaincy of Company F. After rendezvousing for a few weeks at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., the company, which had left here in June, 1846, embarked for Mexico, landing at Brazos Santiago, below Point Isabel, Texas, early in September; thence the 4th Regiment set out for Comargo, where the command was attached to Gen. Shield's brigade. The Menard soldiery saw their first service at the siege of Vera Cruz, in March, 1847; and one month later bore a prominent part with the gallant 4th Regiment at the ever-memorable and hardly-contested battle of Cerro Gordo. In this fight, Company F, whose ranks had been decimated to a great extent by sickness, sustained several casualties. Of the killed outright, we have only the name of Alvin Hornback; among the large number wounded, who are still living, but two are recalled to the memory of our informant, viz.: Samuel Tibbs, shot through the breast; Cornelius Rouke, leg shot off. The latter gentleman, who has been prominent as a county official and as a business man in Petersburg for several years, has placed the compiler of this sketch under obligations to him for his many courtesies in furtherance of this enterprise. Company F, after taking part in all the battles and skirmishes of the regiment to which it was attached, returned home at the expiration of a year, its term of enlistment. The following citizens of Menard County, now living, were members of Company F: Samuel Tibbs, Riall Miller, A. R. Houghton, Thomas Watkins, Amos Guernsey, Walter W. King, William Close, Robert Clarey, Cornelius Rourke, Robert Bishop, John Bachus (servant), Sigh Hoheimer, G. W. Denton, W. Hutcherson, W. A. Stone, and Robert Raybourne. In addition to thesse, there are now residing in the County the following gentlemen who were in the Mexican war, but who did not accompany Company F, viz.: W. J. Estill and R. H. Henderson (of the regular army); G. C. Spears, of Missouri; and W. R. Donaldson, of Kentucky. Of the eighty-six men who left here in June, 1846, for Mexico, scarcely one-half came back. A few returned hearty and vigorous; others crippled and invalided for life; and a few were left sleeping in gory graves beneath rude mounds in an inhospitable foreign land.


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