Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Indian Creek Precinct
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Samuel Rogers was among the first settlers of this precinct. He built a water-mill on Indian Creek some time before the "deep snow." Among the pioneers of this precinct we find the names of David Onstott, William Sampson, Alexander Crawford, Michael Killion, John Moore, Andrew Moore, Joseph Moore, Samuel Moore, William Estill, William Duff, Solomon Taylor, Fieldon Ballard, Russel Godby, Jesse Hornback, Robert Bracken, John King, Henry Pentecost, John Pentecost, William Pentecost, William Day, Benjamin Day, Dedman Powers, and William Denton. Colman Smoot came a short time after the "deep snow."

The first church was of the Methodist denomination, and was organized about 1835. The first preachers to this church were Rev. James McElmore, Rev. Mr. Haynes, and Rev. Mr. Clampett. Rev. Abraham Bales organized a United Baptist Church in the Gody settlement about 1843. Elisha Spears came in 1838, and died in 1844, the year of the "high waters." Fieldon Ballard, Isaac Snodgrass, and Philip Barnett came in 1830, the same that Russell Godby and others arrived. Andrew Trumbo came also in the fall of the "deep snow."

John King was one of the first settlers of the State. He moved from southern Illinois into this precinct. He is yet living, now in the one hundredth year of his life. He was born May 8, 1775, in North Carolina, and served under General Jackson in the Florida wars. He and Talton Loyd are the only survivors of the war of 1812 now left in Menard County.


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