Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Petersburg Precinct
Page 18

Elijah Estep and his son James came into this precinct about 1820 or 1821. The former built a "gear horse-mill" where Petersburg now stands. Joseph Watkins opened a farm about two and a half miles from this town about the same time. Isaac Teeters and Samuel Watkins made locations at the same date.

Obadiah Short, and his father, Jacob Short, Thomas Edwards, and Levi Teeters came about 1822. A little later, Jesse Baker and father settled in Baker's Prairie. Henry Clark, William Clark, and Ephraim and William Wilcox came about 1826. George Curry came in 1827. From 1825 up to the time of the deep snow, there came Henry McHenry, Peter Woolems, Henry Bell and sons, Daniel Atterberry, James Watkins, John Jones, Jacob and Spence Merrill, John Watkins, Bartley Wilton, John and Anne Ritters, Pollard Anno, Pollard Simmons, James and Ashley Hickey. The two latter gentlemen settled in Little Grove. Jack Shasteen, William Edwards and sons, Bartlett Conyers, Henry and David Williams, and a man by the name of Ragsdale, are also to be included in this period. David and Thomas Woolridge came in 1832.

John Jennison, Esq., was also a very early settler, and Rodney Strader, Josiah Crawford, and Samuel Berry were here before the "deep snow." Henry Miller settled on the Sangamon River Bottom as early as 1820. Jacob Bales came in 1829, and his brother, Abram Bales, the celebrated pioneer Baptist preacher, yet well remembered by our old settlers, came about 1840.

The Baker Baptist Church was organized by Rev. John Antle about 1835, the second of its kind we believe in the County.


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