Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Rock Creek Precinct
Page 18

The first settler of this precinct was Amor Batterton. He came in 1818, and settled the place now owned by Jonas Combs. He had made a claim and built a cabin, however, the previous fall. Two of his sons, George and Levi, yet live in this precinct, and have been citizens of Illinois just as long as it has been a State. Mr. Batterton opened a farm in 1818. Mr. Ratliff and sons, - James, Job, William and Joshua, - James Fisher, and George Gamerel came the same year.

About the last of 1818, or the first of 1819, Jacob Miller settled at Farmer's Point. In 1820 came George Miller, Marshall Duncan, and Talton Loyd. Duncan settled in Garden Prairie, Miller on Sangamon River Bottom, and Lloyd on Rock Creek. Solomon Keltner and William Stephenson came as early as 1819; also Rev. James Simms, the first representative of Sangamon County. His son-in-law, James Black, came about the same time, and also Absalom Mathews. David S. Taylor bought out Amor Batterton in 1820. Mathias, James, and William Yoakum came also in 1820. In 1824 came Joseph Cogdal, a Baptist minister, Elijah Houghton, and his father, Aaron. William Goff came in 1825. Two of his sons, Eli M. and William, yet live in the County. James Combs came in 1826. Elisha Bone, in 1824, bought out the claim of Wright Flynn on the head of Rock Creek, on which yet resides the mother and youngest son, E. L. Bone. Robert, another son, yet resides in the precinct. Rev. John Berry, a Presbyterian minister, came about 1821, and built up a church in 1822. This was the first Presbyterian congregation of the County. It put up a house of worship about 1835. Jesse Vowel, Robert Johnson, Michael Davis, Esq., and William Irwin came between 1826 and 1831. The first school was taught by Ira McGlasson, in a log cabin near where Andrew Houghton now resides. Elisha Bone was one of if not the first justice of the peace. Charles Houghton, the brother of Elijah Houghton, came in 1824, and settled on the farm now owned by Isaac Cogdal, son of Joseph Cogdal.


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