Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Fleming Hall
Page 35

FLEMING HALL, son of Thomas Ro and Catharine (Thomas) Hall, was born in Patrick County, Virginia, in 1794. In 1828, about eleven years after his marriage, he removed to Missouri, and caught one term of school. Coming thence to Illinois, he pre-empted the land where Athens, in this County, now is. He remained two years upon this quarter-section, and then entered it, and sold it to Abner Hall and a Mr. Catterlin. Mr. Hall hewed the logs for the first house built in the town of Athens after it was laid out, which was in 1832. He has long since achieved what the world recognizes as success in life, and could afford to look back with amused satisfaction on those humble beginning. However this may be, it is a matter of credit to him, as well as a lesson to young men of this "fast" age, that he has through every difficulty adhered with manly firmness to the "Golden Rule," and also to the motto, "Keep out of debt." His observance of these, united with his tireless and intelligent industry, has made his life a blessing to all around him and an enjoyment to himself. He has a rich fund of experience relating to early times. When Mr. Hall and Benjamin and John Wiseman were laying off the school section into small lots for sale, Mr. Lincoln was their surveyor, and the tall; athletic form of the future President, passing silently through the deep ponds which the others were glad to avoid, is recollected as something edifying.

Thomas Ro Hall was a native of Virginia, and was the son of Nathan Hall, a native of England. Mr. Thomas, the maternal grandfather of our subject, was of Spanish extraction. He was an American soldier of the Revolution.

Fleming Hall was married in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, to Miss Susannah Tice, who was born in that County in 1788. Of this marriage were born Joel and Claiborne, who live in Athens; and Melinda, who married Ezra M. Aylesworth; and Fidella, who married Asa C. Primm; also Elihu, who was married to Miss Elizabeth Brown. He resides at the old home-place, and is one of the most successful farmers in the County, besides being perhaps the most learned and experienced botanist in the State. His collection of well-arranged and classified plants includes over ten thousand species, and is probably not excelled by any other in the West.


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