Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
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Jonathan Miller
Page 38

Jonathan Miller is a native of Somerset County, New Jersey; the date of his nativity being June 7, 1814.

Leaving his native State at the age of twenty-three, the last six years of which were passed in the tanning business, Mr. Miller, led by that spirit of enterprise which has brought so many of the best men of our Atlantic seaboard to the new and beautiful West, left the ties of an attractive home, and the most flattering and advantageous offers of business, and became a pioneer. He settled in Canton, in Fulton County, and worked at his trade of tanner and currier. He came to Athens, his present place of abode, in 1840, and carried on the business of tanning for fifteen years.

At the age of twenty-six, he was married to Miss Susan Codner, of New Jersey. Five children were born of this marriage; four sons and one daughter; all of whom have since died. Mrs. Susan Miller died in 1852, in the thirty-second year of her age.

Mr. Miller was afterwards married, on December 18, 1852, to Miss Elizabeth Claypool, a daughter of Levi Claypool, one of the early settlers of this County, he having come here in 1827. He lived near Athens, and died February 2, 1867, in the seventy-fifth year of his age. He and his wife were faithful followers of Christ, and were connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Claypool was a native of Virginia, and removed to the State of Ohio, where he was married to Miss Melinda Rawlings, a native of Kentucky, and daughter of Thomas and Maria Rawlings. Nine children were born of this marriage, six daughters and three sons, eight of whom are yet living. Mr. Claypool deserves more than passing notice. His strength of mind and character, and remarkable conscientiousness and honesty, gained for him more than an ordinary share of the respect of his neighbors and associates. Though not an office-seeker or professional politician, he was sometimes placed in positions which required the highest business qualities. Until the disruption of the Whig party, he co-operated with it; afterward he was an equally decided Republican.

The children of Jonathan and Elizabeth Miller are Virginia B., aged fifteen, and Casciuda C., aged eleven years.

A lithographic view of the family residence in Athens may be seen on another page.

With regard to the personal characteristics of Mr. Miller, we may with propriety say that he is an honest, conscientious, and cheerful man. He is very unassuming; but his benevolence and clear perception of the humorous unite to make his presence a sort of cheerful sunshine to all around. Fortunately for him, he was early trained in the closest business habits. These, together with his natural strength of mind and manly independence of thought and action, have made his life a successful one.


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