Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Robert Clary
Page 39

His Grandfathers, John Clary and Robert Armstrong, were both patriot soldiers of the Revolutionary war. The former raised seven children; Rebecca and Sarah both married men by the name of Hitchcock, and Mary married Elisha Barnett. John, Elisha, Zachariah, and William, are the names of the sons.

John came to Menard County, then Sangamon, in 1819, and settled in Clary's Grove. He lived in Menard up to the time of his death, which occurred on the farm now owned by his son Robert. He married Miss Rhoda, daughter of Robert and Nancy Armstrong, also old settlers of Menard. He raised eleven children: Royal, John A., Robert, Zachariah, William, Thomas, Mrs. Martha Bell, James, Hugh, Abe, and Henry.

Robert was born March 6, 1819 in Bond County, Illinois, while the family were en route to Menard. He has spent his life so far in Menard County. September 22, 1838, he married Miss Reney Elmore, daughter of Peter and Biddie Elmore, by whom he had one daughter, Martha J., who married Jasper Rutledge. This wife departed this life October 15, 1841. June 22, 1843, he married his second and present wife, formerly Miss Nancy Jane Cox, and daughter of William and Elizabeth Cox, by whom he has two children,-Miss Mary A. and Charles R.

Mr. Clary was in the Mexican war in 1846. In 1856 he was elected Associate Judge for his County, which office he held for nine years. In 1868 he was elected Sheriff, and served one term. He has spent eighteen years of his life in the milling business. He now resides on his farm in Sandridge Precinct. He has a good farm of something over one hundred acres, lying in Sangamon River Bottom. It is very rich and well improved. A half-page view of these premises appears in this Atlas.

Mr. Clary has been an active participant in about all the interests of his County, and is an unflinching Democrat, and for purity of motive and integrity of conduct ranks among the best of his fellow-citizens.


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