Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

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Is one of a family of twelve children, born as follows: William (our subject), July 28, 1812; Edward, March 2, 1814; John, October 15, 1815; Elizabeth, August 18, 1817; Martha, June 19, 1819; Isaac, December 31, 1820; James N., August 12, 1822; Fanny, July 16, 1825; George A., March 12, 1826; Nancy Ann, November 4, 1827; Benjamin, January 9, 1830; Judy, March 3, 1832. Of these, William, John, Martha, and Isaac are now living.

The father, James Yoakum, was born in Greenbrier County, Virginia. He died in this County about forty years ago. James's father, also a Virginian, but descended from German parents, was named Robert.

The wife of James Yoakum, and mother of the family of children first above mentioned, was named Judy Owens, and was a daughter of William and Elizabeth Owens. She died in this County in 1832. Her father's family were residents of Tennessee, in which State, in Claiborne County, James Yoakum and Judy Owens were married, in 1810.

Taking the usual course of emigration, the family successively became residents of Kentucky and Illinois, stopping in Madison and Montgomery Counties of the latter State, and finally settling, in 1820, on Rock Creek, on what is now called the Osborn Farm, in this County.

William remained here until 1835, at which time he went to the Indian Territory, and engaged in work connected with the Indian Agency. On the 6th of June, 1836, he was married, in this County, to Miss Priscilla Batterton, daughter of Amor and Nancy Batterton, whose biographies are elsewhere chronicled in this book.

The newly-married pair at once proceeded to their new home, in the Indian Territory, where they remained until the spring of 1867, at which time they became residents of Iowa, and thence, after two years, moved to this County, where they now reside. Their only child, William Francis Yoakum.


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