Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

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Andrew Gaddie was born in Scotland, May 31, 1837, on the Orkney Islands. When about thirteen years old he shipped to sea under his uncle, Captain John Spence, his mother's brother. He followed the sea till about nineteen years old, and then came to the United States, where he arrived, in company with his sister Jane, in 1859, and has been ever since a resident of Menard County. He served a little over two years in the Union army during the Rebellion of the Southern States, and was discharged on account of sickness.

In 1867, he bought a farm of two hundred acres in Township 18 north, Range 5 west, on which he still resides, engaged in agriculture and the livestock trade.

November 20, 1866, he married Miss Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Warner) Keene, of Menard County, by whom he has the following children: John T., born February 17, 1868; Cora N., November 8, 1869; Katie G., January 27, 1872; and Charles H., September 25, 1873.

Mr. Gaddie's father, John, still lives in Scotland, where his mother died about two years before he came to America. She was formerly Miss Margaret Spence. They raised the following children: John, Jessie, wife of John Livack, James, Jane, wife of Peter Laughton, Robert, David, Peter, Samaria, and Archibald.

Mrs. Gaddie's parents are natives of England, where she was born October 8, 1848. When she was only about two years old the family came to this country, and now are residents of Menard County. The following are the names of Mrs. Gaddie's brothers and sisters, in order of birth: Charles, Mrs. Ida, wife of David Copper, Mrs. Emma, wife of Perry Canterberry, Miss Rovina, and Miss Eliza. In addition to these, there were three which died in infancy.


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