Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

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Was born December 12, 1818, in Louisa County, Virginia, and is the son of Samuel and Lucy (Desper) Jones. His father and family moved to Ross County, Ohio, when Mr. Jones was about thirteen years old. Here the parents both died, the father in March, 1843, and the mother in December, 1847. They left behind them eight children, born in the following order: David, Samuel H., Mrs. Mary J. Prather, John R., William A., Benjamin F., Enos, and Martha.

Mr. Jones remained in Ohio till he grew up to manhood and married (March 28, 1841) Miss Sarah, daughter of Charles and Hannah (Gooding) Daily, of Pike County, Ohio, by whom he had five children. The eldest of these, Mary Hannah, died in infancy. The other four-Charles S., born July 18, 1844; Mrs. Nancy J. McClelland, November 13, 1846; John W., April 12, 1848; and Thomas J., October 1, 1851-are living, and reside in Logan County, Illinois.

Mr. Jones moved to Logan County in April, 1855, and settled on what is known as the William Hill Farm, where he lived till after the death of his wife, which occurred May 23, 1861.

After his marriage to his second wife, Mrs. Matilda A. Linch, formerly Miss Cline, he moved to Menard County, where he bought two hundred and ten acres of land, on which he has resided ever since. By his second wife he has two children: Miss Janette G., born June 1, 1863; and Miss Augusta, February 8, 1866.

Mr. Jones has a fine farm, which is well improved, and he is one of the independent farmers and stock-feeders of his County.

Politically, Mr. Jones stood with the old Whig party till its dissolution, when he joined the Republican party, with which he has acted, supporting its men and measures, since it organization.

Religiously, he is a Methodist, having joined this denomination in 1842, in which Church, also, his first wife was a member. His present wife is a member of the Christian Church, to which order also belong the three eldest children by the first wife.

The Jones family is of English origin. David Jones, Mr. Jones's grandfather, came from England to the United States in 1770. It is not now known whether he served in the Revolutionary war or not, but it is supposed that he did. He had four sons who served in the war of 1812, viz.: Anderson, David, Thomas, and Samuel. Mr. Jones's father, one other son, Turner, and two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, complete the family list. The mother of these children was formerly Miss Mary Anderson.

Mr. Jones's grandfather on his mother's side was Isham Desper. He married Miss Mary Henson. They lived and died in the State of Virginia. They left eight children: James, Lucy (Mr. Jones's mother), Albert, Clifton, Sarah, the wife of Wyatt Bragg, Forest, Samuel, and Mrs. Martha Diggs.

Mr. Jones's eldest son and his son-in-law, Thomas McClelland, both served three years each in the Union army during the late Rebellion of the Southern States.

Mr. Jones's present wife was born in Sangamon County, Illinois, in May, 1825. Her parents, John and Lucy Cline, were among the very first settlers of Sangamon County, moving there in 1818. Her mother, now over eighty years old, was the first white woman that crossed over to the north side of the Sangamon River. By her first husband, Andrew Linch, Mrs. Jones had five children, now living: Mary E., the wife of N. L. Council, Mrs. Sarah A. Waters, Mrs. Lucy Waters, William T., and John F.

Mr. Cline and wife raised ten children: William, Stephen, Mrs. Jones, John, Elizabeth, the wife of George Sayles, David, Adaline, who married Michael Hardman, Washington, James, and Henry.


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