Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Page 42

Was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Primm, and was born January 3, 1817, in Madison County, Illinois; and died October 27, 1864, in Menard County. He was married June 1, 1843, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Jane (Hall) Tice, by whom he raised six children, all living: James D., born January 22, 1845; Dulcinea, who married John N. Cline, June 11, 1852; Thomas R., July 14, 1854; Clara M., wife of George Kinnion August 8, 1856; Miss Violet L., February 8, 1860; and Ninian O., November 21, 1861. A daughter, Susan J., died when about sixteen years old also, three children in infancy.

Mr. Primm was a very successful business man. When he was married he had very little property, but when he died he owned about nine hundred acres of choice land, well improved and under good cultivation. He was very popular in his neighborhood, -quiet, moral, temperate, and industrious. He was a kind father, a model husband, and a patriotic citizen. He was, in every particular, one of the most valuable and substantial citizens of Menard County. He was buried in the Indian Point Cemetery, where his remains yet rest. His wife and the unmarried part of the family reside on the home place, in Athens Precinct, a beautiful location, as may be seen by turning to our lithographic department, where a half-page view is given. Mrs. Primm's family is an old and well-known family of the County. Jacob Tice, her father came into Menard as early as 1833.


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