Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

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JOHN B. COPPER was born December 14, 1809, in Portage County, Ohio, and was raised in Lieking County, of the same State, where he lived till 1851. He is the third son and fifth child of a family of nine children, born in the following order: Joseph, Samuel, Ann, Martha, John B., Mary, Jane, Nathaniel, and Michael. Ann married Abel Copper. They reside in Wisconsin. Martha married John Copper. These both died In Illinois. Mary married John Sneed. They reside in Licking County, Ohio. Jane married Daniel English, of the same State and County, where she died.

Michael, Mr. Copper's father, was born in 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence. He was born in Kent County, Maryland. He was raised in Pennsylvania, and died in Ogle County, Illinois. He married Miss Mary Glasgow, daughter of Samuel Glasgow, of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. This marriage occurred in 1797. Joseph Copper, Mr. Copper's grandfather, was a patriot of the Revolutionary period, and lived to the age of one hundred and four years, and died in Pennsylvania. He raised several children. Robert, Joseph, Nathaniel, Sandy, and Michael A. are the names of the sons now remembered.

Mr. Copper's mother's people, the Glasgows, were from Scotland. They were among the first settlers of the United States.

Mr. Copper has been twice married; first to Miss Eliza Pence, daughter of Abram and Susan Pence. This marriage took place about 1836, and was fruitful of three children, one of whom, David, is yet living, born in May, 1838. This wife died in 1853, and was buried in the Indian Point Cemetery. She was a member of the old New Light, or Christian, Church, of Ohio. March 27, 1854, he married his second and present wife, Miss Emily A., daughter of John R. and Sarah (Edwards) Goff, of Menard County. The Goffs were early emigrants to this country, and date their history back to its first settlement. This marriage has been productive of the following children: Harvey E., born January 1, 1855; Charles B., September 12, 1857; John E., March 6, 1859; Miss Laura J., January 17, 1861; Miss Eliza E., December 2, 1862; Miss Sarah M., February 16, 1864; Robert F., March 1, 1866; Thomas Howard, January 16, 1868; Louis C., October 18, 1869; Ada F., June 23, 1871; and Lorena, April 5, 1873.

Mr. Copper came from Ohio to Menard County, Illinois, in 1851, and in 1852 he bought a farm in Township 18 north, Range 5 west, on which he moved the same year. This was raw land when purchased, but is now well drained, and a rich soil. This property has grown in its owner's hands from eighty to two hundred and eighty-three acres, including a tract of timber. This is the third farm he has improved, two of which are in Ohio. He has worked hard, but has finally succeeded in gaining an independence. He and his wife are both members of the Baptist Church, also one son, Charles.

We can say of these children that they are truthful, obedient, intelligent, and industrious, and bid fair to become useful members of society.


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