Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Colin M. Robertson, M.D.
Page 46

Was born in Logan County, Kentucky, June 10, 1822. His father was of Scottish descent. The ancestors of his mother were English, and emigrated to America and settled in Virginia while it was yet a colony of England.

In 1827, his father removed to Illinois, and settled in Jacksonville, Morgan County. Here Colin received his early education, which consisted of the branches commonly taught in the common schools of those days. A brother, Dr. William Robertson, was then a practicing physician in Woodford County, Kentucky, and in 1844, under his direction, he began the study of medicine, to which he had always manifested a great liking. He remained here two years. He attended a course of medical lectures at the Rush Medical College, of Chicago. He was, however, finally graduated in medicine at the medical department of the State University of Missouri, in 1856.

After his marriage, which occurred in 1847, he located in Cass County, and there engaged in the practice of medicine. He remained here till 1850, when he located in Menard County, and continued the practice of his profession. He was one year with his brother, Dr. G. H. Robertson, at Rocheport, Missouri, and while here was an attendant upon a part of a course of lectures at the McDowell College, St. Louis, Missouri. His home in Menard County, since 1859, has been at Tallula. He was formerly a Whig, but for many years has been attached to the Democratic party. In 1869 he received the Democratic nomination for County Judge, to which office he was elected by a large majority. He served in this office for four years, and at the expiration of his term again established himself as a practicing physician, at Tallula, where he has since resided. He has built a drug store, the business of which he now carries on.

Dr. Robertson, in 1847, married Miss Salina S., the daughter of John B and Mary Harris. They have had nine children; three died in infancy. The other, William L., Edward E., Henry C., Mary E., Thomas H., and Sarah I., are living at Tallula. Dr. Robertson is a man of genial manners, and of unquestioned ability as a physician. He possesses great popularity and influence in the neighborhood in which he resides. His practice is extensive. He has alike won confidence by his skill as a medical practitioner and by his qualities as a private citizen.


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