Illustrated Atlas Map of Menard County, Illinois 1874
Published by W.R. Brink & Co., of Illinois

Hon. Nathaniel W. Branson
Page 46

One of the most prominent members of the Menard County bar is the Hon. N. W. Branson. He was born at Jacksonville, May 29, 1837. His parents were natives of Kentucky. His boyhood and youth were distinguished by the same energy and attention to study as have marked his subsequent life, and contributed so much to his success.

After a preparatory course of study he entered Illinois College, where he was graduated in 1857, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Arts. His tastes led him to choose the legal profession, and, at the conclusion of his college course, he began the study of law in the office of David A. Smith, of Jacksonville. He was admitted to the bar, after having sustained a brilliant examination, in January, 1860, and began the practice of his profession at Petersburg, in March of the same year.

Here his knowledge of the law, his ready adaptation to business, and his habits of close application, rapidly gained for him a high professional standing at the bar and wide influence in the community. In 1867 he was appointed by Chief Justice Chase Register in Bankruptcy for the Ninth Congressional District of Illinois, a position which he continues to hold.

In his political convictions, Mr. Branson has always been identified with the Republi-can party, and ever since its organization he has been an enthusiastic supporter of its principles. In 1872 he received the Republican nomination for Representative in the Legislature, and was elected to that office. Upon taking his seat he became an active member of the body, and served two sessions, as Chairman of the Committee on State Institutions, contributing much by his energy to the furtherance of action on subjects which came under the attention of his committee, as well as to the general course of legislative proceedings. His course in the Legislature gave him increased popularity, and at the Republican Convention held at Beardstown, September 10, 1874, he again received the nomination as Representative.

Mr. Branson was married, February 21, 1861, to Miss Fanny D., daughter of Dr. Francis and Ann S. (Goldsmith) Regnier, of Petersburg. His residence is one of the most tasteful in town. No breath of suspicion has ever been breathed upon his political record, and as a lawyer of ability and integrity, a citizen of usefulness and honor, all classes of the community unite in giving him their confidence.


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