History of the Eighty-Fifth Regiment
Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Compiled and Published Under the Auspices of the
Regimental Association
Henry J. Aten
First Sergeant Company G
Member of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland

Hiawatha, Kansas

This listing is an extraction of only the soldiers listed as being from Menard County, or having a Menard County connection. Company E was formed in Menard Co., so I have included all the records for that company.

For Co.s A, B, C, D, and K, plus the Field and Staff, please visit our Mason County site.

History of Co. E, Chapter XXXIpg 408 
ALLEN, William F.pg 413Company E
ANDRUS, Clark N.pg 409Company E
ANNO, Levi S. pg 348 Company A
ARMSTRONG, A.P.pg 410Company E
ARMSTRONG, Bolingpg 413Company E
ARMSTRONG, Davidpg 413Company E
ARMSTRONG, Horacepg 413Company E
ARMSTRONG, Williampg 383Company C
ARNETT, James P.pg 349Company A
ARNOLD, John H.pg 413Company E
ATTERBERRY, Williampg 413Company E
BARNETT, Clayburnpg 414Company E
BARNETT, Johnpg 413Company E
BARTHOLOMEW, Johnpg 412Company E
BECK, Johnpg 414Company E
BOCHERT, Charlespg 410Company E
BYERS, Enospg 411Company E
CARTER, Joseph W.pg 383Company C
CARTER, William G.pg 414Company E
CARTER, William W.pg 414Company E
CHAMBERS, Edwinpg 415Company E
CLARY, Abraham L.pg 409Company E
CLARY, Martin S.pg 414Company E
CLARY, Pickettpg 414Company E
CLARY, Royal A.pg 414Company E
CLARY, Thomas S.pg 414Company E
CLARY, William F.pg 410Company E
COGDALL, Eli M.pg 349Company A
COGDALL, Isaacpg 349Company A
COLE, Georgepg 414Company E
COX, Johnpg 414Company E
CUE, Nelson D.pg 383Company C
DENVER, Dennispg 415Company E
EKIS, Michaelpg 415Company E
FAITH, Jacobpg 410Company E
FERGUSON, Jamespg 415Company E
FROST, Wesleypg 415Company E
FURGUSON, Alexanderpg 353Company A
FURGUSON, Johnpg 353Company A
GILLMORE, Franklinpg 353Company A
GREEN, Bowlingpg 412Company E
GRIFFIN, Johnpg 412Company E
GRIFFIN, Richardpg 415Company E
HANKINS, Stephenpg 415Company E
HAVENS, Samuelpg 413Company E
HINESLEY, Jamespg 415Company E
HOHAMER, William F.pg 411Company E
JONES, Williampg 415Company E
JONES, William J.pg 416Company E
LEITSON, Williampg 416Company E
LEONARD, Williampg 411Company E
LYNN, James S.pg 412Company E
MARLIN, Isaacpg 416Company E
MATHEWS, William E.pg 416Company E
McGUIRE, Richardpg 416Company E
McNEELY, Williampg 412Company E
MENCE, William A.pg 416Company E
MILLER, John C.pg 416Company E
MONTGOMERY, Jesse C.pg 381Company C
MYERS, Georgepg 416Company E
OSTERMAN, Thomaspg 416Company E
OWENS, Thomaspg 417Company E
PAIN, John O.pg 417Company E
PEARSON, Jamespg 417Company E
PLUNKETT, Joseph Mpg 409Company E
POTTER, Jamespg 411Company E
POTTER, William S.pg 417Company E
RANDALL, Walterpg 413Company E
RAY, Williampg 417Company E
ROBINSON, Andrewpg 417Company E
ROBINSON, John L.pg 417Company E
SAMPLE, Ezekielpg 411Company E
SCOTT, Frank F.pg 418Company E
SCOTT, Pleasant S.pg 408Company E
SEAMAN, Morrispg 418Company E
SEAY, James T.pg 417Company E
SENTER, James T.pg 418Company E
SHACKEY, Andrew F. J.pg 410Company E
SHEETS, James N.pg 411Company E
SHROEDER, John W.pg 418Company E
SHUTT, Christopherpg 417Company E
SMICK, William S.pg 358Company A
SPROUSE, L.pg 418Company E
STITH, William P.pg 398Company D
STOUT, Ephraimpg 418Company E
SUTTON, Henrypg 418Company E
TAYLOR, A.J.pg 410Company E
TAYLOR, Georgepg 412Company E
THOMAS, James E.pg 418Company E
TRAYLOR, Leonidaspg 418Company E
TRENT, Hugh A.pg 409Company E
TRENT, Thomaspg 358Company A
VEILEIT, Leanderpg 410Company E
WATTERMAN, Georgepg 419Company E
WEBSTER, George M.pg 419Company E
WELSH, Edwardpg 419Company E
YOUNG, William H.pg 412Company E

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