History of the Eighty-Fifth Regiment
Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Compiled and Published Under the Auspices of the
Regimental Association
Henry J. Aten
First Sergeant Company G
Member of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland

Hiawatha, Kansas

Roster of Company C

Jesse C. Montgomery
Page 381

Corporal Jesse C. Montgomery, aged thirty-two, born in Gibson county, Indiana, married and a bricklayer when he enlisted from Mason City, Ill. He served through the Kentucky campaign, was promoted corporal, and transferred to the marine brigade at Nashville, Tenn., January 13, 1863. Is reported to be living at Petersburg, Ill.

William Armstrong
Page 383

William Armstrong, aged twenty-nine, born in Menard county, Illinois, was single and a farmer when he enlisted from Mason county. He was discharged at Louisville, Ky., for disability, but no date appears upon the record. He returned to Mason county, resumed farming, and died near Easton, Ill., May 5, 1899.

Note-A few years before the war this soldier was tried for murder; defended by Abraham Lincoln, and acquitted by the jury without leaving their seats. Armstrong had been present at an evening meeting where a man was killed, and although entirely innocent, a conspiracy was formed to convict him of the crime. At the trial, each of the prosecuting witnesses testified to seeing the knife glitter in Armstrong's hand when he struck the fatal blow, by the light of the moon. Whereupon Mr. Lincoln introduced an almanac in evidence, which showed that the murder was committed in the dark of the moon.

Nelson D. Cue
Page 383

Nelson D. Cue, aged eighteen, born in Menard county, Illinois, and enlisted as a farmer from Mason county. He served with his company to the close of the war and was mustered out with the regiment. He returned to Illinois; resumed farming, and resides at Greenview, Menard county.

Joseph W. Carter
Page 383

Joseph W. Carter, born in Mercer county, New Jersey, removed to Illinois; was married and a farmer when he enlisted from Mason county, Illinois, at the age of twenty-three. He served with his company through the Kentucky campaign and was sent tot the hospital at Nashville, Tenn., from which he was discharged for disability November 7, 1862. He resides at Scottsville, Mitchell county, Kansas.

Roster of Company D

Corporal William P. Stith
Page 398

Corporal William P. Stith was born in Adair county, Kentucky, August 13, 1838, and was brought by his parents to Illinois in 1839. He was a farmer when he enlisted from Petersburg, served with his company until transferred to the Veteran Reserve corps September 1, 1863, and in this organization he served at Elmira, N.Y., Chicago and Rock Island, Ill., until the close of the war. He was honorably discharged at Chicago July 1, 1865. He had been postmaster at Oakford, Ill., and at present is keeping a restaurant and confectionary at Peoria, Ill.


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