Tilman (Tilmon) Clark

Tilman (Tilmon) Clark (1822-1964) operated the first brick and tile yard of Athens, Illinois, established in 1840, along with his brother Corydon. Tilman was the yard-man, and his brother the kiln man. Tilman was born in 1822 in Ohio to Elisha A. and Sara Gard Clark, early pioneers in the Salisbury, Sangamon County, area. He was an ordained minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1845, he married Sarah A. Roberts, who died two years later. In 1852, he married Amanda Hall, daughter of Abner and Jenny Overstreet Hall and a sister to his brother’s wife, Matilda Jane.

Tilman enlisted as a private in Co. K, 115th Illinois Infantry on August 15, 1862, at the age of forty, leaving his wife and two young daughters. Amanda Hall Clark died later that same year. He then married Almira Hartwell Tabor, widow of Jasper N. Tabor. Almira became a widow for a second time after Tilman’s death on May 09, 1864. His children, Sylvania Clark (1853) and Ada Lincoln Clark (1860, married David Fisher) were raised by Almira. Almira Hartwell’s daughter, Amanda L. Tabor (1853) married Thomas Haun. A son, James B. was born in 1857. After Tilman’s death, Almira married Edwin Hunt in 1865 and bore a son, George, in 1869. Tilman Clark is buried in the West Cemetery in Athens.

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