Hettie Ann England

Hettie Ann England (1860-1932) was born to William Banks and Martha Hall England on April 20, 1860, and raised in Athens, Menard County, Illinois. She was the great grand-daughter of early Sangamon/Menard County pioneers, Stephen and Anna Harper England and Abner and Jane Overstreet Hall. Her father was killed in the Battle of Chickamauga on September 20, 1863, when she was three years old. Hettie's mother married Capt. Thomas A. Swaringuin in 1868. The combined families consisted of his three children – John, Clarentine, and Chauncey – from his first marriage to Mary Ann Hartwell, and Martha’s children – William, Laura, and Hettie.

Hettie met Cal (Michael Christian) Jensen during a brief residency in Logan County, and they were later married by a Lutheran minister December 30, 1880, at Mt. Pulaski. She gave birth to her first children, William Arthur (1881) and Emery Chris (1884), in the vicinity of Cornland, Illinois, Logan County. Between 1885 and 1890, Hettie and Cal lived in Furnas County, Nebraska, near his brother Aanon (Onen) where their daughter Daisy Mariah was born in 1887. From 1890 until 1899, Cal and Hettie lived on the Kirk farm in the Indian Point area, where they took care of the widowed Mr. Kirk. They then moved to a farm southwest of Athens before Harry Abner was born in 1899, and remained there the rest of their lives. Hettie was a member of the Athens Christian Church from the age of fifteen until her death. She died on November 27, 1932, and is buried in Hall Cemetery in Athens.

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