James Wesley Hall

James Wesley Hall (1815-1870) came with his parents, Abner and Jane Overstreet Hall, to Lawrence County, Ohio, where he was born in 1815. The family migrated with a large family group possibly as early as 1822 to the Athens, Menard County, Illinois. James Wesley married Catherine Claypool in 1836 and began to acquire land in the vicinity of Athens, Menard County, Illinois. This land was located near the Sangamon River, about two miles southwest of the village of Athens.

James was listed as a brick mason in both the 1850 and 1860 Census reports. His brother, Abner Banks Hall, was also a brick mason by trade. His first child, Martha Frances Hall, was a married woman with children of her own by the time James and Catherine's last child, Elvira, was born in 1863. In 1860 he lived in Athens near the home of his father, Abner Hall.

James Wesley Hall died at age 55 in 1870, leaving a widow, who died less than two years later, and thirteen children. Their children and spouses were: Martha Frances (William B. England and Capt. Thomas A. Swaringuin), Sarah Margaret (Carlisle Mitts), Eliza Jane (James Cline), William H. (Mary Caroline Larkin), Charles Wesley (Ellen Elizabeth Hodges and Mary Jane Adamson), Amanda Elizabeth ( Samuel C. Alexander), James Newton (Emeline Pestel), Thomas Roe (Effie Ford), Abner Banks (Bertha _____), Catherine Anna (Samuel L. Neer), Rosa Belle (Francis H. Cover and Mr. Seesmuller), Emma C. (Jasper N. Showalter), and Elvira (Ella) (Jesse W. Cullom). After the death of Catherine in 1872, the younger children were put under the guardianship of his married daughters, Sara (Mitts) and Eliza Jane (Cline). James Wesley is buried in West Cemetery in Athens, Illinois.

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