Michael Christian (Cal) Jensen

Michael Christian (Cal) Jensen (1850-1937) was born on April 12, 1850, in Řyestad, Aust-Agder, Norway, home to his Jensen ancestors since at the early 1700s. He was the last of thirteen children born to Jens and Mette Christense Nybroe Jensen. Cal, along with his family, immigrated to America after a ten week sea voyage, entering through Quebec, Canada, in either 1862 or 1863, and settled first near the Indian Point, Menard County, area.

In 1870 Cal was living with his brother Jacob in Oran Township, in Logan County. His parents were living with Cal's brother "Newt", who was also in Oran Township. Cal married Hettie Ann England in 1880 in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, and their first two children, William Arthur (1881) and Emery Chris (1884) were born near Cornland in Logan County. Hettie (1860-1932) was the daughter of William Banks and Martha Hall England and was raised in Athens, Menard County, Illinois. She was the great grand-daughter of early Sangamon/Menard County pioneers Stephen and Anna Harper England and Abner and Jane Overstreet Hall. Cal and Hettie lived for a few years between 1885and 1890 in Nebraska near his brother Aanon (Onen), as daughter Daisy Mariah (1887) was born in Furnas County, Nebraska. From 1890 until 1899, Cal and Hettie lived at the Kirk farm near Indian Point in Menard County, Illinois, before moving to a farm southwest of Athens where Harry Abner was born in 1899. After the death of Hettie in 1932, Cal lived in Athens on Madison Street, but soon moved back to his farm. He died on January 16, 1937, and is buried in Hall Cemetery in Athens.

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