1882 Cass Co. Ill. History

William Moore

William Moore, deceased, one of the ________ pioneers of Cass County, was a native of Maryland; was born March 8, 1799. He had four brothers: George, Robert, Th______ and John, and three sisters: Martha, Sarah and Nancy. In early manhood Mr. Moore was a boatman on the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers. Oct. 4, 1831, he married Miss Keziah Moore (not a relative), daughter of Isaac Moore, who was a farmer by occupation. Mrs. Moore's mother, whose maiden name was Rachel Lewis, died when she was about four years of age, and she was left to the care of an uncle and aunt, who gave her school advantages, and made for her a comfortable home. Mr. Moore first came to Cass County in 1834, and landed at Beardstown in April. He made purchase of the present Moore homestead, and moved on to it the following August. The place formerly comprised 204 acres, but parcels have been sold from it, until it now contains about 11 acres. Mr. Moore was an honest, conscientious citizen, and a thrifty farmer. He died April 26. 1865, having his wife surrounded by a family of thirteen children, viz.: Mamilious[?], now Mrs. Carle Pond, of Morgan County; James N., now at home, once married and has one son; Nancy W., now Mrs. J.A. Bond of Menard County; Robert B., at home; Thomas S., of Washington County, Kan.; Amanda M., now Mrs. Robert McNeal of Cass County; William A., in Montgomery County, Iowa; John I., of Cass County; Charles B; Ulysses H., a farmer of Cass County; Lorinda A., now Mrs. George Walker of Virginia, Cass County; George C., died as infant, and Alma A., is at home. Mrs. Moore has now forty-three grandchildren.
R.H. Mann, photographer, Virginia City

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