Woldridge Cemetery


First Descendant To Visit Woldridge Cemetery Site
By Jeanie (Hale) Lowe
May 14, 2007


Tiffany (Price) Lowe, on Mother’s Day, paid her respects to her 4th great grandmother - Melissa Ann (Wright) Vaughn. Tiffany was the first descendant to visit the Woldridge Cemetery site in rural Menard County, IL since the grave stones were found on April 22, 2007 after having been bulldozed from their original cemetery location off into a ravine.


“I can’t believe someone would do that,” said Tiffany as she looked at her 4th great grandmother’s grave stone, broken into four different pieces and fitted back together laying on the ground amongst other broken stones. Even more appalling to her was the fact that crops are planted over the graves every year as if it was never the resting place of her ancestors. “It’s terrible that they still plant crops out here,” she said.

Accompanied by her husband Matt Lowe, her father-in-law Stan Lowe and her uncle-in-law Rick Hale, the four made their way through the fields back to the cemetery location on Sunday, May 13, 2007. Since the original find on April 22, 2007 the area had grown up in wild flowers, briars and tall grass. Some of the stones had to be partially uncovered again.



Melissa Ann Vaughn’s stone was one of the four stones found in April. The others are David & Margaret (Hawthorn) Woldridge stones and half of a broken stone which says Nancy Batterton wife of D. Batterton. Family members are learning of the find and have expressed a variety of emotions, much like those of Tiffany.

Stan and Jeanie Lowe took a video movie of the original find. Vic Woldridge, descendant of David & Margaret Woldridge and Melissa Vaughn said, “Received your DVD today and just finished watching it. It was very moving. When Stan brushed the dirt off of Margarets headstone it sent shivers down my spine. When David’s was found it was very emotional for me. We will be showing this to our children on Mothers Day.”



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