Woldridge Cemetery


Ron Woldridge meets Man Who Found
His great-great grandfather's Stone

Left to right: Stan Lowe and Ron Woldridge

Ron Woldridge met with Stan and Jeanie Lowe in Petersburg in August 2007. He had traveled there the week before to pay his respects to his great great Grandfather David Woldridge on the anniversary (7 Aug 1857) of his death date. He searched the general area but was not able to find the stones.

He contacted Stan and Jeanie and they met with him the at Petersburg Pizza Hut. They had a wonderful visit. Ron then put out the following e-mail to family and descendants of those buried in Woldridge Cemetery on 20 August 2007. Below is the e-mail.

Greetings: Most of you might know by now of the Woldridge Cemetery which is on Grandfather Davids land near Petersburg, Illinois and that someone bulldozed the tombstones into a ravine in the late 1960s or so. Stan and Jeanie Lowe and others have found some headstones, (some in broken condition) and the approximate location of the actual cemetery, which is on private land and a half mile or so from the road. Several descendants have been quite interested in the developing story and would maybe like to see some sort of restoration/memorial. The Lowe's have corresponded with several, Vic Woldridge, Nene (Woldridge)Humphreys, Mike Woldridge, and others, and I was fortunate to be in the area Aug 12 and enjoyed a nice visit with Stan and Jeanie. Since David was Abraham Lincoln's first client as a young attorney, there is considerable interest from the Lowe's and others in a memorial also. There is even a possibility of some State funding for a project like this because of the 200th anniversary in 2008. Application for funding needs to be in by sometime in October. There could be somewhat of a challenge since the property is privately owned but it is believed that law favors access to gravesites on private land. I suggest we start by establishing a central address list of anyone related and see who might be interested in taking this further. Let it be known how you feel about it. Hope to hear from you soon. I am Ronald Jackson Woldridge, son of Rowan, son of Harley Jackson, son of Jackson Heath, son of David and Margaret.

Cousin Ron Woldridge


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