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from Rock Creek Presbyterian Church Christian Heritage 175 years, Menard Co. IL. 1997, The Book Committee.---This includes a reprint of ROCK CREEK, A Retrospect of One Hundred Years, by Alice Keach Bone, written ca 1922.

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Rev. Gilbert Dodds was born June, 1793, in Spartinburg district, South Carolina. From South Carolina he came with his mother to Western Kentucky, his father having died on the way, and here he grew to manhood. He had but few advantages for acquiring an education, but being ambitious and very fond of reading he made the most of his opportunities and became a very useful minister.

He married Miss Mary Clinton of Crittendon Co., Ky., when he was in his 22nd year. They had a family of twelve children, all of whom they lived to see grow to manhood and womanhood. Two of his sons, Campbell and Ira, were soldiers in the Civil War.

He was licensed to preach by Anderson Presbytery in 1824. In the same year he came to Sangamon Co., Ill. Here he united with Revs. John M. Berry and Thomas Campbell in organizing Sangamon Presbytery. He labored extensively in camp meetings in the early days, and assisted in planting a great many congregations in Central Illinois.

There is a record of his ministry at Rock Creek in 1860, and in all probability he preached at the place a number of times before this date, as he was a resident of the community.

He died at his home near Rock Creek Church May 3, 1872.

Rev. Gilbert Dodds

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