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from Rock Creek Presbyterian Church Christian Heritage 175 years, Menard Co. IL. 1997, The Book Committee.---This includes a reprint of ROCK CREEK, A Retrospect of One Hundred Years, by Alice Keach Bone, written ca 1922.

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Thomas Potts Bone was born in 1836 and died 1902. After attending the public schools at home he entered Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. An earnest Christian, naturally affable, and a favorite with the young people, he became a community leader of much influence.

He was a member of the school board, Superintendent of the Sabbath School, leader of church and Sabbath School music, and served as deacon for more than 15 years, until he removed from the neighborhood in 1875.

He married Eliza Jane Thompson, of Cass County, Illinois, who became very devoted to her church. To them were born five children, two of whom are now living; Roy L., the youngest son, following in the footsteps of his father, is a deacon and an earnest worker in the Presbyterian Church at Topeka, Kans.


Thomas Bone                                Eliza Jane Thompson Bone

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