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from Rock Creek Presbyterian Church Christian Heritage 175 years, Menard Co. IL. 1997, The Book Committee.---This includes a reprint of ROCK CREEK, A Retrospect of One Hundred Years, by Alice Keach Bone, written ca 1922.

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John Small, familiarly known as "Uncle Johnny," and his wife Susanna, were born and married in Ireland. He was a weaver by trade and had woven bolting cloth in both Scotland and Ireland. When they came to America in 1836 they stopped for a while in Canada. Mr. Small used to relate the following incident which happened while he was residing there.

He was chopping in the woods one day, accompanied by his dog, when he saw a hungry bear not far off. He had his gun, but had shot all the bullets. The dog kept the bear at bay until Mr. Small broke up his clay pipe and put the pieces, with a charge of powder, in the gun; then he shot and killed the bear, keeping the skin as a trophy of this unusual proceeding.

He came to Rock Creek in 1851. He was a faithful attendant at Sunday School and took an active part in class discussions; his opinions in regard to fundamental doctrines were firm and generally correct.

Two of his sons, William and Monroe, and their families were residents of the community. Both he and his son Monroe responded to the call of the Nation in the sixties, Monroe having the distinction of being a Veteran and the son of a Veteran.

Monroe was also a deacon in the church.

William married Emma Fryberger.

Their children are Walter, a farmer; Susanna, a teacher; Ina, a trained nurse, and William, County Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. Small was a farmer and stockman of excellent judgment.. He died in 1894.

John Small, the father, also died in 1894, at the Soldiers' Home in Quincy, where he spent the last years of his life.


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