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from Rock Creek Presbyterian Church Christian Heritage 175 years, Menard Co. IL. 1997, The Book Committee.---This includes a reprint of ROCK CREEK, A Retrospect of One Hundred Years, by Alice Keach Bone, written ca 1922.

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James Stephenson was born in South Carolina in 1782 and came with his parents to Kentucky about 1800. In 1809 he married Margaret Clinton in Caldwell County, Kentucky. She was a daughter of Captain James Clinton of the Revolutionary Army. Mr. Stephenson moved to Wayne County, Illinois, where he was commissioned Captain of the State Militia by Governor Bond. He removed Sangamon County in 1825, and to Menard in the fall of 1844.

He and his wife were strict Presbyterians and believed in keeping the Sabbath day holy. Not only did they believe in it. but they strove to have all their household observe it in a decorous manner. No unnecessary work, no levity, no whistling or exuberance of spirits were allowed.

Their children were ten in number: Peninah, William C., a physician, Hannah A., wife of Jacob Swingle, James W., Finis E., Civil War soldier, who married Maria Houghton, Alexander, Benjamin F., a physician, Elvira, wife of Aaron R. Houghton, Mary E., and Harriet, wife of William N. Spears. James Stephenson died in 1867 and his wife in 1868.

Source for second Biography: John Carroll Power. HISTORY OF THE EARLY SETTLERS OF SANGAMON COUNTY ILLINOIS. Springfield, Illinois, Edwin A. Wilson & Co. 1876. Page 24, 684.

STEPHENSON, JAMES. He was born July 3, 1872. His son, WILLIAM C., born Oct. 10, 1812. HANNAH A., born Oct. 12, 1814, married Jacob Zwingle. He died Feb. 8, 1876. Their son, WILLIAM M. Zwingle, was married May 25, 1876, to Eliza Graham. JAMES W., born May 20, 1816, moved from Audrain county, Missouri, to Pike county, Illinois. FINIS E., born Sept. 29, 1818. He moved from Chandlerville, Illinois, to Wichita, Kansas. HARRIET married William N. Spears. She moved from Lincoln, in 1876, to Tallula, Menard county, Illinois.

STEPHENSON, JAMES, was born July 3, 1782 in South Carolina. His parents moved about 1800 to Caldwell county, Ky. Margaret Clinton was born in North Carolina, and when she was about thirteen years old her parents moved to Caldwell county, Ky. James Stephenson and Margaret Clinton were there married, and had six children in that county, and the family moved to Wayne county, Ill., where two children were born, and moved to Sangamon county, arriving in 1825, on Sugar creek, southeast of Springfield, where three children were born. Of their children--

PENINAH, born in Kentucky and died in Illinois in 1845.

WILLIAM C., born in Kentucky, raised in Sangamon county, and was a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio. He married Mrs. Diana Ruble, whose maiden name was Bowen. Dr. William C. Stephenson died at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, leaving a widow, but no children.

HANNAH A., born in Kentucky, raised in Sangamon county, married Jacob Zwingle. They have two children, MARTIN LUTHER and WILLIAM MELANCTHON, and live near Athens, Menard county, Ill.

JAMES W., born in Kentucky, raised in Sangamon county, married Mary Allen, and have seven children. James W. Stephenson was a soldier in an Illinois regiment, and now lives at Mexico, Audrain county, Missouri.

FINNIS E., born in Kentucky, raised in Sangamon county, and married Maria Houghton. They had two children. FRANK died in infancy, and CHARLES lives with his father. Mrs. S. died November, 1857. F. E. Stephenson was sergeant of Co. K., 33d Ill. Inf. He lives at Chandlerville, Ill.

ALEXANDER, died at seventeen years of age.

BENJAMIN F., born Oct. 3, 1823, in Wayne county, Ill., and raised in Sangamon county. He graduated Feb. 7, 1850, at Rush Medical College, Chicago, and was married in Sangamon county March 30, 1855, to Barbara Moore. She was born in 1828, in Woodford county, Ky. They had three living children, BENJAMIN M., MARY H. and CARRIE A. Dr. B. F. Stephenson was surgeon of the 14th Ill. Inf. He died August 30, 1871, and his widow and child reside in Menard county, three miles north of Salisbury, Ill.

ELVIRA A., born Dec. 7, 1824, in Wayne county, Ill., raised in Sangamon county, married May 29, 1854, to Aaron R. Houghton, who was born Dec. 9, 1855, in Menard county, Ill., and served one year as a soldier in the Mexican war. They have three children, JAMES F., CHARLES W. and MARY A., and live six miles south of Petersburg, Menard county, Ill.

MARY E., died March 2, 1848, at nineteen years of age.

HARRIET, born Oct. 5, 1830, in Sangamon county, married Nov. 14, 1860, to William N. Spears, who was born Nov. 12, 1826, in Menard county. They had four children. WILLIAM F., died at five years old. EMMA M., RUTH S. and VIRGINIA live with their mother. William N. Spears died in Menard county, Ill., March 28, 1868, and his widow and children reside at Lincoln, Logan county, Illinois.

James Stephenson died Dec. 29, 1867, and his widow died October, 1868, both in Menard county, Ill.


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