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from Rock Creek Presbyterian Church Christian Heritage 175 years, Menard Co. IL. 1997, The Book Committee.---This includes a reprint of ROCK CREEK, A Retrospect of One Hundred Years, by Alice Keach Bone, written ca 1922.

Page 86

George Hellstern, of German birth, married Clarissa Fuller, a daughter of Daniel Fuller, one of the early settlers.

He and his wife lived at Rock Creek many years, where they reared a family of seven children: William, Kate, Almeda, Ruth, Maude, May and Minnie, all of whom are now living except Minnie.

William was a ruling elder in the church five years. He then removed from the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Hellstern were Christians and faithful church members, and impressed upon their children in the home the essentials of Christianity and the importance of making an early and wise choice in the religious life.


George Hellstern       Clarissa Fuller Hellstern

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