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from Rock Creek Presbyterian Church Christian Heritage 175 years, Menard Co. IL. 1997, The Book Committee.---This includes a reprint of ROCK CREEK, A Retrospect of One Hundred Years, by Alice Keach Bone, written ca 1922.

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John S. Hurie, son of Josiah and Nancy Hurie, was born in Cass County, Illinois in 1854. He married Anna Maria Houghton, daughter of Andrew M. and Barbara Houghton, October, 1878. They were the parents of four sons, A. E., E. J., W. L. and Frank.

Mr. Hurie came to Rock Creek in 1880, where, since that time, he had been extensively engaged in farming and stock raising.

An ardent friend of popular education, far a number of years it was largely due to his efforts that the Rock Creek School was furnished with teachers of a high grade of scholarship.

For a time he took an active part in the politics of the county.

Several years after the death of Mr. Hurie's wife, he married miss Jennie Hamilton daughter of Robert and Clara McDougall Hamilton, of Petersburg, Ill.; a woman of fine qualities of heart and mind.

The Hurie home has always been one of hospitality, and its doors have ever been open to those who were in need of encouragement or help of any kind


John S. Hurie        Anna M. Hurie

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